Monday, December 12, 2011

Mary Claire you are ONE YEAR OLD!

Wow! Has the time flown by!

You finally broke 15 lbs. You are 27.5 inches tall. You can still wear 6 month clothing but most of your Christmas clothing is 12 month so we roll up the sleeves. ;-)

You started crawling on November 9th.

You know share a room with Madisyn.

You got your first birthday card and it was from Mammie and Granddaddy.

You thoroughly enjoyed your birthday supper of all your favorite foods - chicken, bread, green beans and mac & cheese. Don't forget the brownie! You have a think for chocolate already!

You've been a little cranky, I think teeth are on their way.

Thanks to Daddy, Unc and Nana, you were in your first parade. Witcher Auctions "bid" everyone a Merry Christmas!

You enjoyed three Thanksgiving meals last month.

You celebrated your birthday with a Tea Party.

Sissy even bought you a tea set to commemorate the event.

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