Friday, September 27, 2013

Bowling Is Right Up Our Alley

Back in May we participated in a "School's Out" bowling party with 4-H. We had trouble locating my camera so I borrowed Madisyn's camera. Some how the memory card was misplaced and we just found it! I'm so glad, as it held the only pictures of most of the kids first bowling trip and Henry's Birthday.

Our older children had been bowling before but the last time we went as a family, Ben wasn't a year old yet! Needless to say, they were able to participate much more this time.

We were very thankful that the bowling alley placed bumpers in the gutters. This made the game much for fun. The 7 and under crew played on the bumper lane and the rest of us played on the other lane.

Daddy was able to join us and he was a great coach! The ball was nearly as big as Henry and Mary Claire but they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Even Libby enjoyed the family time!

Big sisters make everything more fun!

The little girls only made it through one game but the rest of us played two! Kent and I took turns holding little people, bowling our frames and helping the middle kids. We were worn out by the time we were done!

We had a great time bowling. It's amazing how much more enjoyable it is to bowl since smoking has been banned. We look forward to more family times at the bowling alley.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Organizing the Freezer

 I shared on Facebook that I was ordering labels to organize the freezer. Several people {all moms LOL} wanted to see the final result.

For the wire shelving I purchased hang tag labels on eBay. The labels attached to the shelving easily and they seem to be very durable. I plan to use the leftovers to organize the wire shelving in our store room as well.

I debated using the printer to make labels  or using chalkboard labels . I don't believe by printer is waterproof so I used a Sharpie to write each description. I didn't want to come back and discover that the moisture in the freezer caused my labels to be unreadable. I decided against the chalkboard because I don't plan to re-label. The wire shelving labels are movable and aren't sized to a standard label size.

 I labeled the doors with normal Avery name badges.  Because these labels are basic paper, I can wet them to remove. They have been on the freezer shelves for a few weeks and haven't come loose so I would say the extreme cold of the deep freeze doesn't affect the adhesive.

I am very fortunate to have two freezers. The newer one is used for all our meats and the other houses veggies and dairy. Nine people consume a lot of food and being able to buy it in bulk saves us a ton of money each year.

Most of our meats are purchased at Sam's by the case. If you have room in a freezer, ground beef and chicken can be purchased at a huge savings over regular prices. In the last year a friend told me about a store called Chicken City. There are several located in our state and their prices provide great savings.

We like green beans and stir fry veggies from Sam's but our other vegetables are purchased when the local grocery store runs a special. I'm the lady in the store with 20-30 bags of peas, carrots, mixed vegetables and beans in her cart. ;)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fair-ly Nice Day

We had a beautiful day last week so I decided to take the kids to the district fair. What boy doesn't love an excavator sized just for him. Can you imagine the destruction Ben could create with this little gem?

What could possibly go wrong with Henry behind the wheel? They aren't even moving and Mary Claire and Ben are having a blast! We love visiting fairs and seeing all the animals {our family isn't much for rides, though}. Our local county fair isn't very large and I knew by state fair time I wouldn't be up for walking on uneven ground, so the district fair seemed to be a perfect fit.

Our favorite part of the fair was the petting zoo. Ty was generous and bought food to feed the animals. He divided it among his brothers and sisters and everyone had a chance to feed something.

Some of the animals had their fill of the dry food and would only come to the fence for carrots.

The Antelope was a favorite but everyone was afraid to let him eat out of their hands. They placed carrots on top of the feeder and let him get them from there.

Another favorite activity at the fair is having pictures made in front of equipment. I think it goes without saying that for the Witcher kids, the bigger the better!

A picture in the bucket of the tractor sounded like a good idea but getting everyone to look didn't work out so well. LOL

Even though the rides weren't open when we visited, a picture in front of the Ferris Wheel is a fair time tradition.


We decided to save Kent a little time and shop for our next car. ;-)

Next we hit the exhibit hall. The kids enjoyed petting a bear pelt at the State Park booth. They were very happy to report to the interpretor that they had visited several of the parks she had featured on the sign.

Of course, the best part of the exhibit hall is all the free stuff. PLEASE, vendors when you see a woman with seven children visit your booth, PLEASE don't tell her children they can have one of everything when she just told them they could pick one thing. Any number times 7 means lots and lots of papers, flyers, business cards, key chains, bumper stickers and bags that will make a mess all over the van and boys' room. Not that I know that from experience or anything. ;-)

Monday, September 23, 2013

Sunday Sunset Horseback Riding


We had a beautiful weekend and discussed several things we could do. We were afraid the zoo would be crowded so we passed on that opportunity.

I can't handle walking trails at this stage of pregnancy. Walking is still OK, but I'm concerned about stepping on a rock and one leg moving in a manner it is not supposed to.

We discussed painting our bedroom {a project that has been planned for 5 years!} but I prefer to do the prep work before hand and let Kent help with the furniture moving and painting.

We finally decided to run a few errands and let the kids ride Papaw's horse.

Sarah was last saddled up in mid-July and she seemed to enjoy the cooler temps of this ride time.

Mary Claire even took a turn though she wasn't real keen on petting Sarah to thank her for the ride.

Griffin is old enough now to ride without having to be led.

Sarah seemed to groan under the weight difference between Ty and Mary Claire. The boy barely fits in this saddle anymore!

Liberty wasn't very sure about her horsey ride. Big brother held on tight and Daddy led them around.

Madisyn was the main reason we decided to visit Sarah. Madisyn enjoyed that her brothers and sisters warmed Sarah up and they were free to gallop. Madisyn ran the horse all over the pen.

Liberty has decided that for now, she is much happier riding in the stroller!

Friday, September 20, 2013

A Day in the Life of an Auctioneer's Family

I thought it would be fun to chronicle our life on auction day! This particular auction was out of town and I was concerned it would be very hot so we secured a sitter for Henry, Mary Claire and Liberty.

Auction days are like Christmas around our house. The boys all slept in the living room. The day began with me waking them up at 6:30.

The previous night, clothes were laid out, lunches and coolers were packed and shoes were located.

The sitter arrived just before 7 and the rest of us loaded in the van. The auction was about 45 minutes away and due to a cooler malfunction, we had to stop for another bag of ice.

Once we arrived at the auction yard, the kids unloaded the van. A cooler was placed in the office trailer and in the sound truck.

Other lunch supplies {bread, silverware, etc}, Mommy's camera, purse and laptop were also carried to the office trailer.

We open the windows on the office trailer about an hour before the auction begins for registration. Nana and Mrs. Janet check people in along with Mommy. Unc is our IT person and was double checking a few things before we began.

Before the auction started, Senator Ronald Caldwell, presented us with a Senate Memorial Citation in honor of Kenneth, the founder of Witcher Auctions.

He read the proclamation and said some very kind words about Kenneth, our family and our auction business.

I didn't get pictures of Madisyn in action because she spent most of the day in the office trailer. She ran errands and messages between the sound trucks and trailer, and helped keep up with Ben and Griffin when they weren't actively working.

The boys get right in the middle of the action. Ty holds the sign during the sale so that the crowd can always tell what item is currently being sold.

We ran two auction trucks most of the day. Daddy and Unc each handled the bid calling in their truck. I served as a clerk in Kent's truck most of the day {which is why I wasn't able to get pictures of Madisyn}. Before and after the auction, I worked in the office trailer.

When Griffin and Ben aren't in the middle of the auction ring, they like to "inspect" equipment.

Madisyn brought Ty a sandwich and lunch. She also prepared lunch for Griffin, Ben, Kent and I.

Griffin and Ben also assist people with loading small items at auctions.

We sold approximately 700 items in about 7 hours. Once the sale was over the crowd lined up to pay and I returned to the office trailer to help check people out.

We got home to Henry and the girls around 7 pm. Auctions make for long days, but we're thankful to be able to spend most of it together as a family.