Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Organizing the Freezer

 I shared on Facebook that I was ordering labels to organize the freezer. Several people {all moms LOL} wanted to see the final result.

For the wire shelving I purchased hang tag labels on eBay. The labels attached to the shelving easily and they seem to be very durable. I plan to use the leftovers to organize the wire shelving in our store room as well.

I debated using the printer to make labels  or using chalkboard labels . I don't believe by printer is waterproof so I used a Sharpie to write each description. I didn't want to come back and discover that the moisture in the freezer caused my labels to be unreadable. I decided against the chalkboard because I don't plan to re-label. The wire shelving labels are movable and aren't sized to a standard label size.

 I labeled the doors with normal Avery name badges.  Because these labels are basic paper, I can wet them to remove. They have been on the freezer shelves for a few weeks and haven't come loose so I would say the extreme cold of the deep freeze doesn't affect the adhesive.

I am very fortunate to have two freezers. The newer one is used for all our meats and the other houses veggies and dairy. Nine people consume a lot of food and being able to buy it in bulk saves us a ton of money each year.

Most of our meats are purchased at Sam's by the case. If you have room in a freezer, ground beef and chicken can be purchased at a huge savings over regular prices. In the last year a friend told me about a store called Chicken City. There are several located in our state and their prices provide great savings.

We like green beans and stir fry veggies from Sam's but our other vegetables are purchased when the local grocery store runs a special. I'm the lady in the store with 20-30 bags of peas, carrots, mixed vegetables and beans in her cart. ;)


  1. That looks nice!

    I don't know how cheap the chicken is where you buy, but you ought to compare it to this company: offer fresh, never frozen chicken in bulk. They have pick up areas by us and also in Memphis. Their prices are very good!

    1. Zaycon delivery here works out to $1.84 lb. Sam's regular price for non frozen breasts is $1.88 (you can buy as few as 5 ish lb). Chicken City is $1.35 lb. I bring it home and freeze it so it being individually quick frozen in 5 lb bags isn't an issue for me.

    2. Oh, wow! That is cheap! I've never heard of chicken city.

  2. Looks nice..I needed some ideas to organize my freezer, too! (Saw your link on