Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Birthday, Izzy!

Hard to believe this was just a year ago! She has changed sooooo much.

Izzy's first birthday party was on Ty's birthday so he got to attend two parties! We headed to BK and had a great time.

Izzy was decked out in an adorable birthday dress and Kristen did a great job coordinating the cake and decorations.

It's amazing how different little boys and girls are even at age 1. Izzy picked up the dolls she received and gave them all lovin'. My boys grab them by an arm or leg and drag them around. LOL

I thought this was a great picture of the birthday girl and mom and dad.

It didn't take her long to figure out how the whole cake business worked. ;-)

Mimi got to spend the day with all of her grandkids and Henry got some hugs.

Ben wasn't interested in posing for a picture, he was too busy trying to finish his cake! It was really good.

Griffin didn't waste anytime eating his cake.

Granddaddy posed with his only granddaughters {at the time}.

Our attempt at a cousins picture. What do you expect with 3 one and under and 2 three year olds. :-)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ty!

What a difference 8 years makes! It's hard to believe that tiny little boy {OK, he wasn't exactly *tiny* at 8 lbs 10 oz but he was little to me} has grown into this great big young man.

This year seems to be the year of the bikes. The kids have grown so much that they all seem to have out grown so much that they needed new bikes.

Izzy's birthday party was on Ty's birthday so after he received his bike, we headed to her party. After the party we went to a movie of Ty's choosing (Sorcerer's Apprentice) and then dinner at Chili's.

Mimi and Granddaddy were able to join us for Ty's birthday supper.

The birthday boy had requested ribs. Since we were still in Searcy so late we decided to let Chili's do the cooking. ;-) I don't think he minded.

Especially when the birthday dessert came out!

Even Henry thought it was good. LOL

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Learning to serve

Each year our homeschool / 4-H group assists with a fundraiser put on by the cooperative extension service. The food is provided by the extension homemaker's clubs and local farmer's wives. All the dishes contain rice in some form.

The kids assist people in carrying their plates and drinks and then bus the tables.

Local businesses also donate door prizes and the students deliver those to the winners.
This was the first year Ty and Griffin participated. I was quite proud of them, as they did an excellent job. Mommy wasn't the only one impressed either. They each received tips {Griffin also got a couple of kisses on the cheek ;-) }from a few different ladies.

Papaw attends each year and this year was no different. I guess Griffin was tired from all that table busing. ;-)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pickin' Punkins

One of my favorite fall activities is visiting the pumpkin patch. We met a few families from our homeschool/ 4-H group and Mimi & Granddaddy at Peebles for a grand time.

Since our last visit lots of photo-ops have been created. Here Madisyn is delivering Griffin, Mimi and Henry to the farmer's market.

There is a survival capsule that kind of looks like a giant pumpkin where children can play.

Henry and Mimi are almost 6 feet tall. It won't be long before Ty outgrows Mimi!

The hayride is always lots of fun.

It was a very bright day when we visited. I thought late October was supposed to bring cooler temps? ;-)

I don't remember why Ben was pouting. Probably because he couldn't drive the tractor.

Peebles Farm always has a great corn maize. We tend to take the shortest, most direct route from entrance to exit.

We took Henry's stroller but he found that the view from Mimi's shoulders was much better.

The play area has a huge snake-ish creature made of old tractor tires for climbing. Henry wasn't walking well yet, but he didn't let that slow his climbing any!

What's a trip to the pumpkin patch without selecting the perfect pumpkin? I don't recommend attempting pumpkin selection in a hurry. It's a very delicate process that might cause some mommies **cough, cough, ME cough, cough** to loose their patience. I can always try to do better next year. ;-)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Charity begins at . . .

An event we always enjoy participating in as a family is charity auctions. I love how our children can see first hand how a community will come together and support one of their own. Whether it's raising money for new fire equipment or helping someone with medical bills, communities helping their members is such an act of love. How else can you explain someone paying $200 for a stick of summer sausage or $400 for a pie?

I'm always amazed at the number of handmade items that are brought. Businesses donate goods and services but it's the handknit and sewn items along with goodies from the kitchens of some of the counties best cooks that really raise money.

The kids get to "help" by holding up auction items and delivering them to the new owners.

Daddy, Papaw and Unc call bids during the auctions.

It's also a great time of fellowship and socialization.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Life's not fair

Back in October we attended the Arkansas State Fair. Unfortunately, we went before all the animals are required to be there. In the future we will wait until later in fair week to attend. Our family isn't much on riding rides or playing carnival games.

That said, the kids did slide down the huge slide and I think they had a great time! Ben need a little help getting up the steps and Madisyn and Griffin were happy to hold his hand all the way down. :-)
One of our favorite parts of the fair is Farm Bureau exhibit. They have displays set up where kids can shell corn,

milk a cow,

and ride in a combine. Another favorite is the Game & Fish aquarium/trailer. It has lots of Arkansas native aquatic-life.

Of course, another bonus of the fair is the free stuff. Doesn't every family need 5 plastic fireman hats? ;-) Henry enjoyed a game of peek-a-boo with his.

The home crafts building had a beautiful fall display outside.

We met Mimi, Granddaddy, Raegen, Lynden and Aunt Robin at the fair. So the kids posed for a picture with the grandparents.

Granddaddy had a bucket load of grandkids.