Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Birthday, Izzy!

Hard to believe this was just a year ago! She has changed sooooo much.

Izzy's first birthday party was on Ty's birthday so he got to attend two parties! We headed to BK and had a great time.

Izzy was decked out in an adorable birthday dress and Kristen did a great job coordinating the cake and decorations.

It's amazing how different little boys and girls are even at age 1. Izzy picked up the dolls she received and gave them all lovin'. My boys grab them by an arm or leg and drag them around. LOL

I thought this was a great picture of the birthday girl and mom and dad.

It didn't take her long to figure out how the whole cake business worked. ;-)

Mimi got to spend the day with all of her grandkids and Henry got some hugs.

Ben wasn't interested in posing for a picture, he was too busy trying to finish his cake! It was really good.

Griffin didn't waste anytime eating his cake.

Granddaddy posed with his only granddaughters {at the time}.

Our attempt at a cousins picture. What do you expect with 3 one and under and 2 three year olds. :-)

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