Monday, August 12, 2013

Fun at Fort Rock, Part 4

Only three more posts on the great time we had a Fort Rock. Check out parts 1, 2 and 3.

It goes without saying the the zipline was the most favorite activity at Fort Rock.

There is a minimum weight requirement so Griffin and Ben rode together.

While waiting for our favorite flyers to zoom by, the younger set discovered plenty of water and mud to keep them occupied.

Madisyn enjoyed the zipline even though she kept getting turned around about a fourth of the way down.

She did say that she did not care for the stopping mechanism, like mother like daughter.

Ben loved getting harnessed up for his adventure.

Griffin was more concerned with getting back to the top for his second turn.

What is it about little boys and splashing?

Ty really liked the zipline and was trying to talk Daddy into installing one in our yard. Too bad we don't have any hills much less mountains!

So maybe splashing in the mud isn't a boy thing. See what I mean about Mary Claire being the prissiest tom boy around. She puts on the perfect shoes and outfit and then gets just as dirty as the boys.

The great thing about being on the side of a mountain is the awesome speed you can achieve running downhill.

The view from the zipline is unbelievable!

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