Friday, August 9, 2013

Fun at Fort Rock, Part 3

Thanks for joining us for part 3 of our Fort Rock adventure. If you missed part 1, click here and click here for part 2.

What kid {or adult} wouldn't love throwing an ax?!? That's not exactly an activity you can participate in everyday. LOL The tomahawk throwing was a really neat activity.

The target was more worn that it was when we visited in March for the Marriage Retreat and we didn't have much luck getting the tomahawks to stick but it was still lots of fun to try.

After the tomahawks we moved on to archery. Our homemade bows and arrows from Christmas didn't seem to give anyone an advantage.

Just like the rifle range, Ty's slow, methodical approach yielded him success. He did a great job and hit the target several times.

Ben and Griffin had more trouble pulling the string back. Their arms weren't quite long enough. Even with this handicap they managed to earn a few points. They already have plans to do even better next time.

The baby always misses out on the fun but Libby found a great spot hanging on Mommy and even Daddy. We saw lots of babywearing Dads.

Once again Madisyn wasn't going to let the boys have all the fun. She tried her hand at the tomahawk the next day.

Daddy was the most successful and earned us a few points with his great technique.

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