Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First Camping Trip

My dad has been working on restoring an Airstream camper. He finished it recently and decided it was time for its maiden voyage.

Since the camper hadn't been totally tested, he decided to try a short trip to a park close by. He and Mom choose to visit a state park near our home and let the kids join them. Since none of our children have ever been camping, we packed up and drove over.

Because six children were going to be staying there is only one camper, a tent was in order. Mom and Dad had the rest of the campsite set up but waited for the kids to set up the tent. Again, this was a first experience for the kids.

They all grabbed a corner to help spread it out and then came the fun part. They used a hammer to drive the stakes! Everyone Ben's age and up had a turn and they all enjoyed it. Too bad cleaning your room isn't as exciting. ;-)

Ty is as tall if not taller than Mom so he was big enough to help raise the sides. For his first time ever, he did a great job! It did take him a bit to realize how the poles slid apart and then locked into place but he was a quick study.

After the tent was up, the kids all got a good laugh at Granddaddy saying it was really old because Mommy used it. Ty did come to my defense and said that it was that old and didn't look too bad. I'm sure he meant that as a compliment. LOL

The next order of business was swimming. I have tried and tried to get the boys to wear flip flops for going back and forth to water. I guess when you wear boots everyday, something between your toes just isn't comfortable. So they often look like this when heading to the water.

They were able get a campsite near the water and took off for the beach. The kids had a great time and loved camping!

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