Thursday, June 13, 2013

You Get a Line and I'll Get a Pole

Daddy preparing the poles

This year we have been able to be a little more active with the county 4-H group. A big event every year is the fishing derby. The derby is put on by the Conservation District and the Extension Office.

Ty and his catch of the day

 Before we could fish, we realized we needed a little help. Thankfully, Granddaddy was free to help during the derby. Nana kept Liberty, so she didn't have to be in the sun, and Mary Claire upped the cuteness factor at Daddy's lot.

Henry's first fishing trip, I think he liked it!

It's no small feat to get supplies together to take 5 kids fishing but we had so much fun! Lawn chairs, fishing poles and coolers made a wagon load.

Griffin became quite the hook baiter

Before the morning was over, everyone caught at least two fish. We kept all the catfish and collected a couple that other kids didn't want to keep.

Pole in one hand, phone in the other {she was texting Papaw}

Madisyn did a great job. She caught the first fish, the biggest and the most  in our family! She understood that you couldn't constantly play with the pole unlike some of her brothers.

Madisyn reeling in a big one

It was a beautiful day for fishing, we had a nice breeze and the temps stayed in the 80s. We also sat under a shade tree and it didn't cause too many problems with casting. LOL

Mrs. Jennifer helped cast lines out and watch for bites

In addition to Granddaddy, Mrs. Jennifer stopped by several times to help. She is such a wonderful leader. She is one of those people that truly enjoys children {even when they aren't perfect} and has a way of making them feel special. We're very fortunate to be in her group!

Ben and his big one

Each fish was weighed and counted. Some of the kids caught fish over 3 lbs! Prizes were awarded for first fish {Madisyn just barely missed this one}, smallest fish, biggest fish and most fish.

Henry in his beloved Thomas the Train chair

While the results from the derby were tallied we all enjoyed grilled hot dogs and fixings. It was a perfect end to a perfect fishing trip.

Enjoying the dinner they caught themselves

We were incredibly grateful that after a long day at work, Daddy came home and cleaned the fish. It was one of the best fish dinners we've ever had. Too bad there weren't any leftovers. ;-)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Papaw's Auction

Homemade goodies are always big sellers

Back in March, Papaw became ill. He was treated for Pneumonia but didn't get any better. More tests were ordered and he even lost his voice.

Even Mary Claire "helped" by providing entertainment  ;-)

It took some time to coordinate doctors and find one that would work with someone without insurance. He was diagnosed with Lung Cancer in April.

Our favorite auctioneer

Ever since I've been a Witcher, charity auctions have been a part of our lives. Kenneth has been doing them since he became an auctioneer in 1972. We always enjoy attending and occasionally manage to purchase an item or two.

Mammie and Mary Claire
Despite all the years of participating it charity auctions it was still a shock to have one benefit one of "us". The community support was and continues to be amazing.

Mrs. Jennifer and the smaller kids. Mary Claire is always so excited to see her!

Members of the community visited businesses and collected tons of merchandise. Ladies (and a few men) from all over the county poured time and money into homemade goodies to sell. Countless volunteers served food and prepared the community center.

We were so glad that Mammie and Granddad were able to come

Everyday we receive countless phone calls and visits asking about Papaw. The prayers and support have been overwhelming.

Henry {the cutest Ring Man I've ever seen} helping Unc take bids

I know many will never read this but I can't begin to express the gratitude we feel. We are so very proud to be part of this community {and always have been} and call it home!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy Birthday, Griffin!

Happy 8th Birthday, Griff!

Our "little" guy at 7 lbs. 15 oz.
We can't believe 8 years has passed since you made us "larger than the average American Family"! Who would have ever thought you would become one of the "big" kids!

The Two Griffins 90 years apart

Once you started smiling your rarely stopped. When you were smaller we called you Grinnin' Griffin because you had such a pleasant outlook.

All dressed up with a wedding to attend {Cousin Brooke and Joey's}

You may not be the biggest guy in the room but your personality doesn't allow you to go unnoticed. You are the type of person that can hold the attention of an entire room.

A healthy addiction to the magic red straw at age 3

Most of the time you are fairly meticulous. You like to dress up and donning a tie brings great joy. However, when you show up at the auction lot you can get dirty with the best of them!

Making a wish

You've become quite the artist lately. Very often we find pictures of dinosaurs, campers pick-up trucks and auction trucks/trailers. Most people don't know that the best place to shoot a dinosaur is from a 10 story camper.
My big kindergartner

You are a very smart boy. You are reading so many things and love to sit down with a book. Math isn't one of your strong suits, following set rules and order doesn't appeal to your creative side.


You are quite adventuresome. Rarely do you miss the opportunity to try something new. You'll run faster and farther, climb to the top and jump down while everyone else is still trying to decide if they want to try it.

"Rock" climbing to the top at age 7

You have such a way with small children and babies. You love to talk to and entertain both of your little sisters. You frequently read stories with a crowd of your younger siblings surrounding you.

Green thumb?

We love you, Griffin and we are so glad that the Lord blessed our lives with your presence!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

We Like To Party!

The last month has been birthday season at our home.  Madisyn has turned 12, Liberty is now 1 and Henry is officially a big boy at age 4. We have two more children that will celebrate another year before we break until October. Here are some shots of our parties!

Madisyn decorated her own cake 

It's always a good time for cake and ice cream 

Do I have something on my chin? 

Is that a real diamond?
Libby loves monkeys

Oooo, fire!

This is soooo good.

The messier the baby, the better the cake

Yay! New shoes!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Learning To Crochet

Aunt Euna recently came to town and offered to teach us girls how to crochet. {She actually said the boys could come as well but, I know them better than that. ;-) } So one afternoon Madisyn, Mary Claire, Liberty and I headed over.

We were learning to make Granny Squares. Aunt Euna thought that would teach us several stitches and enable us to read other patterns as well. Madisyn started off well but hit a few snags. We plan to try again.

It is a bit difficult to learn something new with Mary Claire and Liberty "assisting". LOL

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Old McDonald Had A Farm . . .

This year , we are participating in the 4-H poultry chain. We had great luck in the beginning with our chickens. Normally, we lose several baby chicks but this time we made it about 5 weeks before tragedy struck.

The chickens had been living in a cage in the garage. The kids had done a great job feeding and watering them. We left home for a few hours one afternoon and when we returned, I spotted three dead chickens lying on the floor.

During the afternoon feeding, an official count was made and we discovered that 7 were actually missing. An animal (we're guessing a dog) pulled them through the cage. Either it got full before it ate all of its prey or we came home too early.

That weekend we readied the larger pen. We had older {larger} chickens in it a few years ago but the holes in the chain link are large enough to pull a young chicken through. We installed chicken wire and sheet metal around the bottom. The chickens seem to be growing well and adapting to their new home.

These two weren't much help in the process but they looked cute. :-)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Mother's Day Craft

This past Mother's Day we decided to make a gift for Mammie and Nana.

Pinterest has been full of wonderful handmade gifts for mothers of all kinds.

However most of the gifts are best suited to be from one or two children. (Anyone want 7 terrariums?)

So I improvised. :-)

I saw several pins of pictures made using foot prints. Feet are easy to paint than hands so I decided on this type of craft.

Since I needed to fit 7 pair of feet, I needed something different than the traditional card stock or canvas.

I decided on a terracotta pot. I began by letting the oldest kids sand the pots.

We then sprayed the inside with several thick layers of clear spray paint to help seal the pot and keep moisture out.

I applied two light coats of sealant to the outside of the pot and we set to decorating. I started with the oldest kids as it's easier to fit Libby sized feet in a small hole, than say cramming in Ty's into leftover space.

After the kids did  their parts {Every time I do something like this I say never again, so I wouldn't say it was easy!} and the paint dried, I added the butterfly bodies and antennae. We applied a few more coats of sealant. While waiting for the last coat of sealant to dry a certain child ran into a pot with his bike so we got to start all over again. Thankfully, Unc came to the rescue and picked us up another pot as the local stores didn't have any large enough for 7 pair of feet.

After the sealant dried the kids planted the flowers. We purchased most of our supplies about 10 days early and then had nothing but rain. The flowers were looking awful puny because I moved them to the garage out of the rain. This also meant they got very little sun. After a few days with Mammie and Nana, they perked up and are flowering beautifully.