Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy Birthday, Griffin!

Happy 8th Birthday, Griff!

Our "little" guy at 7 lbs. 15 oz.
We can't believe 8 years has passed since you made us "larger than the average American Family"! Who would have ever thought you would become one of the "big" kids!

The Two Griffins 90 years apart

Once you started smiling your rarely stopped. When you were smaller we called you Grinnin' Griffin because you had such a pleasant outlook.

All dressed up with a wedding to attend {Cousin Brooke and Joey's}

You may not be the biggest guy in the room but your personality doesn't allow you to go unnoticed. You are the type of person that can hold the attention of an entire room.

A healthy addiction to the magic red straw at age 3

Most of the time you are fairly meticulous. You like to dress up and donning a tie brings great joy. However, when you show up at the auction lot you can get dirty with the best of them!

Making a wish

You've become quite the artist lately. Very often we find pictures of dinosaurs, campers pick-up trucks and auction trucks/trailers. Most people don't know that the best place to shoot a dinosaur is from a 10 story camper.
My big kindergartner

You are a very smart boy. You are reading so many things and love to sit down with a book. Math isn't one of your strong suits, following set rules and order doesn't appeal to your creative side.


You are quite adventuresome. Rarely do you miss the opportunity to try something new. You'll run faster and farther, climb to the top and jump down while everyone else is still trying to decide if they want to try it.

"Rock" climbing to the top at age 7

You have such a way with small children and babies. You love to talk to and entertain both of your little sisters. You frequently read stories with a crowd of your younger siblings surrounding you.

Green thumb?

We love you, Griffin and we are so glad that the Lord blessed our lives with your presence!

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