Thursday, June 13, 2013

You Get a Line and I'll Get a Pole

Daddy preparing the poles

This year we have been able to be a little more active with the county 4-H group. A big event every year is the fishing derby. The derby is put on by the Conservation District and the Extension Office.

Ty and his catch of the day

 Before we could fish, we realized we needed a little help. Thankfully, Granddaddy was free to help during the derby. Nana kept Liberty, so she didn't have to be in the sun, and Mary Claire upped the cuteness factor at Daddy's lot.

Henry's first fishing trip, I think he liked it!

It's no small feat to get supplies together to take 5 kids fishing but we had so much fun! Lawn chairs, fishing poles and coolers made a wagon load.

Griffin became quite the hook baiter

Before the morning was over, everyone caught at least two fish. We kept all the catfish and collected a couple that other kids didn't want to keep.

Pole in one hand, phone in the other {she was texting Papaw}

Madisyn did a great job. She caught the first fish, the biggest and the most  in our family! She understood that you couldn't constantly play with the pole unlike some of her brothers.

Madisyn reeling in a big one

It was a beautiful day for fishing, we had a nice breeze and the temps stayed in the 80s. We also sat under a shade tree and it didn't cause too many problems with casting. LOL

Mrs. Jennifer helped cast lines out and watch for bites

In addition to Granddaddy, Mrs. Jennifer stopped by several times to help. She is such a wonderful leader. She is one of those people that truly enjoys children {even when they aren't perfect} and has a way of making them feel special. We're very fortunate to be in her group!

Ben and his big one

Each fish was weighed and counted. Some of the kids caught fish over 3 lbs! Prizes were awarded for first fish {Madisyn just barely missed this one}, smallest fish, biggest fish and most fish.

Henry in his beloved Thomas the Train chair

While the results from the derby were tallied we all enjoyed grilled hot dogs and fixings. It was a perfect end to a perfect fishing trip.

Enjoying the dinner they caught themselves

We were incredibly grateful that after a long day at work, Daddy came home and cleaned the fish. It was one of the best fish dinners we've ever had. Too bad there weren't any leftovers. ;-)

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