Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

We are incredibly blessed that you are in our lives.
You are the greatest dad ever! - Madisyn

I Love you, Daddy. Happy Birthday! - Ty

Daddy, Happy Birthday! I'm happy it's your birthday. - Griffin

Daddy eat cake! - Ben

Da! - Henry

Friday, July 9, 2010

Sand and Surf

The last time we went to the beach most of our time was spent in the water. This time Ben and Ty decided that the sand was just too tempting.

Even Henry got a shovel and a pail. I don't think he ever figure out that sand goes in the pail, but he had a great time banging them together.

Griffin got lots of use out of the water guns. I kept having to remind him that he could only shoot family. Oh, the things you never thought you'd say!

Henry refused to get a good picture with Mimi. There are just too many people to watch.

I'm nervous about Ben's lack of respect for the water. He loves for me to toss him in the air and let his head go under water. As soon as he comes up he says "Don't do dat again" and then in the next breath "Do dat again". LOL

I know I mentioned my love for the frog floatie but I just want to plug it again. This time we set up several innertubes and placed Henry on top. His legs went through them all and he snoozed for over an hour.

Madisyn is turning into quite the under water swimmer. I think she enjoys the panicked look on my face when she disappears. It keeps me young - right?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Father's Day, a day for the birds

*Pictures of the creating process are on another camera. I hope to add them later.*

My parents have an awesome yard. Flowers and trees are everywhere. I was trying to come up with something to give Granddad for Father's Day. Madisyn and Ty made birdhouses in 4-H earlier this year and it seemed perfect.

Close your eyes {and trust us not to whack you on the head :) } !

Each one of our five kiddos painted a birdhouse. Henry had the most help ;) but they all hammered on their on house.

Kent helped with the entire process {Mommy is a little afraid of the saw!} and spray painted a base coat in each child's color choice.

Griffin had John Deere Construction base with a red door, a mailbox {painted on} and some flowers (?).

Madisyn wanted red. She then added stripes. I think polka dots were also part of the plan but we had painting problems so she didn't get to a step 3.

Ty's was Cat yellow {which was strangely similar to John Deere Construction yellow}. He painted a John Deere dozer on the side because Granddad needs a dozer.

Henry's was Ford blue with hand print flowers and a sun. He didn't like the yellow paint for some reason.
Ben was feeling camera shy. His house was also based in John Deere construction yellow {can you guess where we did the building? HA!} but he mixed multiple colors for a custom creation on the sides {you can almost see his in the third picture}.
I think it would be fun to repeat this process in a few years to see how their building and painting skills improve.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Boys (and Girls) will be boys

Recently, Raegen spent the week with Mimi and Granddad. It happened to be the same week we had an auction so we were able to get the cousins together.

Who knew that all it took to occupy 5 children was old tires and a broken push mower?

Everyone had a turn jumping from tire to tire and attempting to "fix" the mower.

Then it was determined that an obstacle course would be lots of fun so off they went.

I'm not sure who had the fastest time but Ty was the first one injured so the game was called by Mommy and Granddad.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's your Birthday!

On Griffin's actual birthday we had our traditional brownies.

I tricked him with trick candles. :) It took him several attempts to get them all out.

I think he makes a fine 5 year old!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Popsicle Time

There's nothing like a popsicle on a hot, sunny day.

Apparently, the sugar rush will make you do crazy things.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ben is FREE!

It's hard to believe that just three short years ago the Lord blessed us with Benjamin Charles.

He came a week before his scheduled section and weighed only 6 lbs. 15 oz. He is our tiniest baby to date.

Ben has always been a bit of a handful. Listening isn't his strongest point but making messes is something at which he's a pro {funny how 2 years later it's a lot funnier than it was then :) }.

Ben always has the best disposition and sweetest smile. When he gets upset it doesn't last long.

He is truly a joy and blessing.

Happy Birthday, Ben! We sure are proud of you!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Fun in the Sun

With the warm weather, my mom helped us go to the beach. We didn't make it much last year and we're hoping for a better showing this year.

This year the kids really took to the water.

Ty is really wanting to fully learn to swim. He isn't much for putting his face under water but he has no problem splashing water everywhere when he kicks.

Griffin is a bit timid but really likes the life jacket. He doesn't seem to mind putting his face in the water but doesn't like floating on his back.

If you have a small child RUN to Wal-Mart and buy this floatie. I purchased it thinking it would be nice for Henry to have something to keep him out of the sun. He loves it. He's small enough that he can splash inside the tube and the canopy keeps him completely out of the sun.

Madisyn is a little fish. That girl was trying to have underwater breath holding contest with anyone who would pay attention. I think she was the most upset when it was time to go.

One of the reasons you much buy a frog - Henry was lulled to sleep by the water. This enabled mom and I to watch the other kids and not worry about Henry. We held onto the tube with one hand and had the other free to assist the other kids.