Thursday, July 8, 2010

Father's Day, a day for the birds

*Pictures of the creating process are on another camera. I hope to add them later.*

My parents have an awesome yard. Flowers and trees are everywhere. I was trying to come up with something to give Granddad for Father's Day. Madisyn and Ty made birdhouses in 4-H earlier this year and it seemed perfect.

Close your eyes {and trust us not to whack you on the head :) } !

Each one of our five kiddos painted a birdhouse. Henry had the most help ;) but they all hammered on their on house.

Kent helped with the entire process {Mommy is a little afraid of the saw!} and spray painted a base coat in each child's color choice.

Griffin had John Deere Construction base with a red door, a mailbox {painted on} and some flowers (?).

Madisyn wanted red. She then added stripes. I think polka dots were also part of the plan but we had painting problems so she didn't get to a step 3.

Ty's was Cat yellow {which was strangely similar to John Deere Construction yellow}. He painted a John Deere dozer on the side because Granddad needs a dozer.

Henry's was Ford blue with hand print flowers and a sun. He didn't like the yellow paint for some reason.
Ben was feeling camera shy. His house was also based in John Deere construction yellow {can you guess where we did the building? HA!} but he mixed multiple colors for a custom creation on the sides {you can almost see his in the third picture}.
I think it would be fun to repeat this process in a few years to see how their building and painting skills improve.


  1. How neat! Great job you guys! Your Granddad looks very happy!

  2. I REALLY like the handprint flowers...great idea!