Thursday, December 25, 2008

It isn't the gift

but what it means.

Kent and the kids got me this for Christmas -
It's by far my favorite gift. We are planning a homebirth in May and will be surprised then as to whether we have a boy or girl.

Friday, December 12, 2008

When we were little, Dad used to make signs at Christmas that the FFA kids sold. A couple of years ago Justin drug one out and put it in his yard. Robin and I wanted one so dad made some new cut-outs and I painted them. I could only fit three on the table at once. I have one more to go.
All that is left now is the wording on the sign.

Merry Christmas from The Witcher's!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Man at Work

Part of preparing a new work area is making sure the land will drain properly. Kirk has been using the dozer to grade the dirt away from the shop and amassed a pretty big pile. I took the kids out to see Uncle Kirk "playing in the dirt."

While we were watching Uncle Kirk drive to the top of the pile, I said something about that being a huge pile of dirt. Madisyn replied "I've seen bigger."

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

One step closer

The builders finished their part of the new shop earlier this week. Concrete, electrical and plumbing still have to be completed but that is "our" job.
South East side of the building.
Roll-up doors will be installed on both the east and west sides.
This is the north end or back of the shop. There is a sliding door there.

West side of the building.

Front or south end.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


The reward for cooperating and taking nice pictures is playtime at the park! The kids love the park. We live a good 30 minutes from it so we don't visit often but when we do the equipment gets a workout :D .
At first Griffin was a little upset that he couldn't get in the swing himself. He quickly figured out a way to "swing" even if his legs are a little on the short side.

Kent doesn't get to go to the park with us often and the kids LOVED having him there.

Ben wasn't sure what to think about some of the equipment.

Ty was trying to catch me when I came down the slide. Isn't he sweet?

Can you guess what Ty likes to do at the park?

He loved the slide. I think he would still be there if I would have kept putting him on top.

I chased Griffin up to the top of the slide. Several times I thought he was going to fall over, he was laughing so hard.

I thought this was a really neat picture that Kent captured of Madisyn.

I'm following Griffin down the slide.

There's nothing like a game of chase. Especially when you want to get caught!

I have Griffin a leg up. He was trying to run from me and I just knew he would miss the step. His climbing ability has really improved.

The party isn't over until someone gets upset.


The day after Thanksgiving Kent and I went shopping for clothes to wear for taking a Christmas picture. I had visions of the boys in matching red plaid shirts and my only daughter in a girly dress. After visiting every store in the mall that sold girl's clothing we found nothing! When we actually found a dress appropriate for our daughter to wear (modest - not low cut or short) they were not Christmas card picture type dresses. I know we must have visited at least 10 different stores. It made us grateful for Land's End and the modest clothing they carry.
I gave up my dream of Madisyn in a dress when Kent spotted red sweaters. He found one for him as well so we decided to try a whole family picture.
After eating lunch on Sunday we visited one of the parks in town and began the process. Ty's love of the camera at his birthday party seems to have escaped him so it wasn't the most enjoyable process. We did manage to get a good picture of all 6 of us but it will be revealed to the world ;) after the Christmas cards are mailed out.
However, I won't leave you hanging. Enjoy the sample -

Just a normal day

Kent and I were talking about how we tend to not document the normal things in life. All the special events get video taped and cameras flash but a true reflection of life rarely happens.

Most Sundays after church we go to Wynne and eat lunch. Typically we dine at one of the Mexican restaurants. This Sunday we chose Don Jose. Most of the time our family is joined by Uncle Kirk and Nana and frequently we are blessed to have Mr. Mark and Mrs. Janet join us as well.

So here it is, part of a normal Sunday, documented for eternity. ;)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Ball Game Fun

Since we were already in Searcy and a student from Conway that Robin knows was playing in a tournament at the High School we decided to catch the last half of the championship game.Raegen was cheering already.

Ben loves to play ball. The next three pictures are of him trying to get the boys playing to share.

Griffin liked "helping" Granddaddy clap.

Holiday of Lights

This year Granddaddy made a float for the Searcy Christmas parade. Since Aunt Robin and Raegen were over we all decided to go watch the parade. We picked up Mimi and waited near Berryhill Park.
Waiting for the parade to start. YEA!!! It's here!

Raegen was watching intently.

Madisyn was telling all the people on the floats Merry Christmas. I think she had more enthusiasm than all of them.

It's Granddaddy's float! Griffin really enjoyed going into the street to get the candy.

We watched the last few floats with Granddaddy.

A close-up of one of the pigs. The float consisted of two cows and four pigs pulling a red sleigh. It is sooo cute.