Tuesday, December 9, 2008


The reward for cooperating and taking nice pictures is playtime at the park! The kids love the park. We live a good 30 minutes from it so we don't visit often but when we do the equipment gets a workout :D .
At first Griffin was a little upset that he couldn't get in the swing himself. He quickly figured out a way to "swing" even if his legs are a little on the short side.

Kent doesn't get to go to the park with us often and the kids LOVED having him there.

Ben wasn't sure what to think about some of the equipment.

Ty was trying to catch me when I came down the slide. Isn't he sweet?

Can you guess what Ty likes to do at the park?

He loved the slide. I think he would still be there if I would have kept putting him on top.

I chased Griffin up to the top of the slide. Several times I thought he was going to fall over, he was laughing so hard.

I thought this was a really neat picture that Kent captured of Madisyn.

I'm following Griffin down the slide.

There's nothing like a game of chase. Especially when you want to get caught!

I have Griffin a leg up. He was trying to run from me and I just knew he would miss the step. His climbing ability has really improved.

The party isn't over until someone gets upset.

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  1. What fun is to be had at the park ~ ESPECIALLY when Dad gets to go. Ty is moving some dirt I think! We used to go to a park that had one of those. Was the park you guys were at in Wynne? I don't recognize it. We always went out to Village Creek. But, we were also just a couple miles from it. I like the daily life posts, too. Great pictures. You have a beautiful family.