Friday, April 25, 2008

Blog Keeper Meme 4/23/08 - Going on a trip

The phone rings and you are informed that you have won an all expense paid trip for one week. Where are you going? What will you do there? Who, if anyone, are you taking with you? Is there anything special you are bringing? Feel free to write anything else relating to this trip or you could even write it from a character's perspective. Let the imagination flow!

I would take the whole family (grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc) to Disney World/Sea World. I think it would be fun to go as a big group and since it's free I might as well take everyone. I think going to Disney is pretty self explanatory. We would stay at the nicest hotel at Disney (my family would be in the nicest room they have ;) ). I would get those pass things that get you to the front of the line. Eat all of our meals with different characters. We would spend a day at Sea World because I so enjoyed that as a child. A nice little private island for Kent and I would be nice too but I'm much more likely to be able to afford a vacation for 2 than for 17+.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Baby Chickens 4/22

The baby chickens arrived today.

Another girl in the county is also doing a chicken project.

Madisyn spent the night with Nana and Papaw for her "birthday shopping trip" so Ty and Griffin loaded the babies in their cage.

Ben's First Haircut 4/22

Today we took Ben to get his first haircut.

Last before picture.

He did extremely well. Madisyn called the only noise he made "mumbling". His lip stuck out and looked like he might cry. I'm not sure how many different sets of clippers Mr. Ervin used, I think the noise bothered Ben.

I managed to make it without crying. I was very surprised at how white his hair looks now. I think the darker hair was all cut off. He looks different, less baby and more little boy. waaaaaaaa

This is the best "after" picture I could get. He kept moving. :)

Earth Day 4/22

Every year on Earth Day, the local conservation office puts on a special program for our 4-H group. This year they discussed the ways the soil absorbs water, how grade affects absorption, and how vegetation plays in to the process.

They started the program with snacks. When telling Daddy about the day over supper, the first thing Ty remembered was the Kool-Aid, brownies, cookies and cupcakes (yes he ate all of that but it wasn't large amounts just 1/2 brownie, 1/2 cake thing - both Little Debbie snacks).

The man doing the presentation had several visuals to demonstrate.

Just because . . .4/22

it's pretty.

Breakfast of Champions 4/22

Apparently, someone got the camera this morning.

More Flowerbed pictures 4/20

The clematis is starting to bloom! It has beautiful purple flowers and the Hosta lillies are coming along nicely, too.

Tree planting 4/20

Mom and Dad came over Sunday afternoon to visit. Before they left, they gave us some Cherry Bark Red Oak trees. Daddy and the kids immediately began planting them.

I even managed to capture a little video.

Work day at church 4/18

About two years ago the ladies restroom at church got an overhaul. We were finally ready to tackle the men's room. Since there are four small children in our family, we aren't really able to help with the real construction. I volunteered to paint and of course, Madisyn, Ty, Griffin and Ben joined in the fun.

Ben hung out in his jumperoo for quite some time. Then nap time hit, and the below is proof that he really can sleep anywhere. He is in the nursery floor and about 10 feet from the action. Nana was using a hammer to set nails and he didn't flinch. In fact, he woke up when things got quite.

Madisyn, Ty, and Griffin found the leftovers supplies in an unused classroom and set to work. I'm not sure how many projects were created but I do know that Nana and Miss. Janet went home with several "treasures".

The restrooms were resized so new doors were added. Nana used a classroom as a workshop to cut trim.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Long Busy Day.

We started the day in Idabel, OK.
Since I didn't include a car seat picture of Ben in the last post, I took one this morning.

We went to the sale with Kent this morning. The boys especially LOVE the tractor auction.

I have "discovered" a new way to wear Ben in my wrap. When he is tired I can turn him sideways and he will drift off to sleep. Must be nice to be able to sleep anywhere (he slept with the auction going full force) and to have someone carry you around while you sleep.

We drove across OK to AR and crossed 3/4 of the state. We only made two potty breaks and each stop took about 30 minutes. I made a nice little donation to the economy in Prescott and spent $60 on gas alone! Even after that, I only have 1/2 tank now!

We got back to Wynne just in time for Madisyn's ball practice. The weather was absolutely beautiful so I got some pictures of everyone playing.

Watch out! Ben will be crawling soon. He has the backward scoot down and he grabs things in front of him to pull himself forward. He also gets up on his hands and knees really well.

Madisyn is doing really well and is starting to get the hang of hitting a moving target. It's still something we need to practice but she is making contact.

Today was a difficult day because Madisyn and Ty both had practice. Madisyn was to practice from 5 until 6:30 and Ty's practice began at 6. I had to leave Madisyn at practice, take Ty to practice, leave Ty at practice, pick Madisyn up from practice and then return to Ty's practice. I don't think I have ever been more on edge. It was extremely hard to leave either one of them even if it was for a few minutes.

Ty's first game is this weekend. Go Team!!!

I think the official time when we finally pulled in the driveway was 8:00 pm and we had not had supper yet! Everyone (including Mommy) should sleep well tonight.