Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I've been travelling, man!

This morning we decided to join Daddy on his monthly trip to Idabel. We loaded everyone up and headed west. You would have thought from the amount of gear required that we were staying several days but it's only overnight. And YES!!!!, they did school and even brought school work for tomorrow - that's the beauty of homeschooling.
Madisyn started us off by stylin' in the big truck. This is a prized location, everybody who's anybody rides in style with Daddy.

The boys enjoyed a film festival in the van. I believe the feature presentation included Cars, The Big Bud Movie (about the big bud tractor - true story), Dumbo, and Hunchback of Notre Dame. True to form, Ben managed the entire trip with a smile on his face (pic by Madisyn). I wish I could say the sweet little angels drifted off to sleep but I'm afraid the last picture is a little more accurate.

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  1. Oh what fun! It looks like ya'll are having a great time. I'm behind on my blog because of my new "toy". I love your new posts and I'll try to get some of my own done soon. :)