Thursday, April 3, 2008

Blog Keeper Meme April 3rd

A message board I'm on is starting a blog theme for each week. This week we are encouraged to list 10 of life's simple pleasures.

So here they are - my top ten - in no particular order :D .

1. Being able to "kiss" a hurt away (kiss it and make it better, mommy)

2. Hearing "I love you" (this is nice from anyone but especially from your children)

3. Holding a sleeping baby/child

4. Nursing my children

5. Toothless grins

6. Making anything and getting compliments (food, clothing, crafts, etc)

7. Kisses and hugs

8. Laundry all caught up

9. Seeing God's presence (in the sky, the trees, the way things "come together", etc)

10. Being married to your best friend


  1. Great list! I especially love your number 6 and number 9. I think I would love your number 8...I wouldn't know at this point, because I'm never there! I'm starting Heidi's bootcamp plan next week, though, so I have hope! :)

    Jen (Jenbh from HK)

  2. I agree with much of your list! I LOVE the picture too. They're adorable!

  3. Great list and someday "laundry caught up" might make it onto

  4. You have chickens? I'm envious! lol Great list. :)