Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Work day at church 4/18

About two years ago the ladies restroom at church got an overhaul. We were finally ready to tackle the men's room. Since there are four small children in our family, we aren't really able to help with the real construction. I volunteered to paint and of course, Madisyn, Ty, Griffin and Ben joined in the fun.

Ben hung out in his jumperoo for quite some time. Then nap time hit, and the below is proof that he really can sleep anywhere. He is in the nursery floor and about 10 feet from the action. Nana was using a hammer to set nails and he didn't flinch. In fact, he woke up when things got quite.

Madisyn, Ty, and Griffin found the leftovers supplies in an unused classroom and set to work. I'm not sure how many projects were created but I do know that Nana and Miss. Janet went home with several "treasures".

The restrooms were resized so new doors were added. Nana used a classroom as a workshop to cut trim.

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