Monday, April 14, 2008

This is why I stay IN the house!

I was trying to be a good wife, really I was. My poor husband had a terrible time yesterday trying to get the mower to take care of the jungle er , I mean yard. People stopping by, missing keys, etc he just didn't have enough time. Couple that with the fact that our yard is a flood plain, he had trouble and was unable to finish the yard before evening church service.

So I thought I would try to help him out and mow the yard. I called and got instructions on the proper method for this particular mower. I drove it around the yard, half scared and made a full circle. Then I got cocky. This isn't so bad, this mower isn't that hard to use, I can do this, etc.

Don't they say that pride comes before the fall. In this case, I didn't fall - I got stuck!

In my defense when I got off the mower I sunk into the yard. I don't know how were are going to tackle this problem. Kent will "unstick" it when he gets home but the front yard is the driest part!

Can I give the kids scissors and tell them to have fun? ;)


  1. Oh -- everything IS so muddy isn't it? I still haven't tilled my garden, and it's 1/2 way through April. I wonder if we will have peas this year? Is it getting too late?

    You KNOW it will go from cold to 90° HOT -- skip spring. LOL

    Last year we had a freeze in April and ruined all the fruit tree blossoms... no fruit in the fall. We are having some weird weather, aren't we.