Tuesday, December 9, 2008


The day after Thanksgiving Kent and I went shopping for clothes to wear for taking a Christmas picture. I had visions of the boys in matching red plaid shirts and my only daughter in a girly dress. After visiting every store in the mall that sold girl's clothing we found nothing! When we actually found a dress appropriate for our daughter to wear (modest - not low cut or short) they were not Christmas card picture type dresses. I know we must have visited at least 10 different stores. It made us grateful for Land's End and the modest clothing they carry.
I gave up my dream of Madisyn in a dress when Kent spotted red sweaters. He found one for him as well so we decided to try a whole family picture.
After eating lunch on Sunday we visited one of the parks in town and began the process. Ty's love of the camera at his birthday party seems to have escaped him so it wasn't the most enjoyable process. We did manage to get a good picture of all 6 of us but it will be revealed to the world ;) after the Christmas cards are mailed out.
However, I won't leave you hanging. Enjoy the sample -

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