Sunday, December 7, 2008

Charity begins at home

or Hickory Ridge.
Being in the auction business, we frequently get the opportunity to help communities help those in need. Kenneth, Kent and Kirk do several fundraising auctions each year but it seems we go to Hickory Ridge more than any where else. Hickory Ridge is really not much more than a spot in the road but I have never seen an area so small with such a big heart. Tuesday night's auction was no different.

A young man in the community has melonoma. Local people baked over 50 cakes, pies, and cookie plates. A few businesses donated products. They also served chilli and hot dogs. I believe $11,000 was raised. A pan of 5 homemade cinnamon rolls brought over $300!

Uncle Kirk taking bids on a plate of fried pies.

Everyone helps at the auction. The kids had a great time selecting goodies and holding them for the crowd to see.

Kent calling bids.

More goodie displayers.

Even Ben got in on the action.

Griffin was his usual ham self, here he got Uncle Kirk in on the act. I'm pretty sure everyone in Hickory Ridge is still talking about the little show out.

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