Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Papaw's Auction

Homemade goodies are always big sellers

Back in March, Papaw became ill. He was treated for Pneumonia but didn't get any better. More tests were ordered and he even lost his voice.

Even Mary Claire "helped" by providing entertainment  ;-)

It took some time to coordinate doctors and find one that would work with someone without insurance. He was diagnosed with Lung Cancer in April.

Our favorite auctioneer

Ever since I've been a Witcher, charity auctions have been a part of our lives. Kenneth has been doing them since he became an auctioneer in 1972. We always enjoy attending and occasionally manage to purchase an item or two.

Mammie and Mary Claire
Despite all the years of participating it charity auctions it was still a shock to have one benefit one of "us". The community support was and continues to be amazing.

Mrs. Jennifer and the smaller kids. Mary Claire is always so excited to see her!

Members of the community visited businesses and collected tons of merchandise. Ladies (and a few men) from all over the county poured time and money into homemade goodies to sell. Countless volunteers served food and prepared the community center.

We were so glad that Mammie and Granddad were able to come

Everyday we receive countless phone calls and visits asking about Papaw. The prayers and support have been overwhelming.

Henry {the cutest Ring Man I've ever seen} helping Unc take bids

I know many will never read this but I can't begin to express the gratitude we feel. We are so very proud to be part of this community {and always have been} and call it home!

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