Monday, August 26, 2013

First Official Field Trip of the Year

Each year when the public schools in our state start school, we take a field trip. Typically, we've been doing school for 6 weeks. We take a little trip to celebrate our way of schooling. Another reason we started this tradition is that no one misses the first day of school, so everything is vacant.

This year we visited the Children's Museum of Memphis. They installed a splash park this year and we decided that we were way behind on visiting.

This was the first time I had taken the kids to a splash park of any kind. Madisyn and Ty were a bit big for it, but since it was pretty much just us it didn't really matter.

It was much more enjoyable for me than a pool because no one was going to drown. ;-) I was able to place a chair in the shade and just watch.

Mary Claire made a couple of friends. She loves to get around other little girls. However, she doesn't say much and just stands by them. Later she'll talk about her new "friends" but she never said a word to them.

There was lots of squealing and laughing as the water sprayed them in the face.

Liberty didn't really care for the water. There wasn't any for her to sit in and it was a bit cold. Luckily for her non-walking self , big brothers and sisters didn't leave her out of the fun.

Who says the baby of the family get ignored? :-)

The bigger kids enjoyed the feature than dumped a few gallons them. The water was cold and the temps were only in the mid-80s so it was quite a shock when the water hit.

This was Libby's favorite hang out. She much preferred crawling all over the towels and shoes to getting wet.

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