Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Fair is Coming, The Fair is Coming

The local county fair is coming! In just a couple of short weeks, fair time will begin. Each year the homeschooled kids in our  4-H club get together for a craft day before the fair.

This was our first year to make it and we'll be back next year. :-) Liberty didn't make any crafts but she started standing all on her own! She hasn't done it since so I may have to send her to live with Mrs. Jennifer until Libby figures out how to walk. The fact that she isn't afraid of standing is a great start!

I knew some of the crafts would be suitable for the older kids so Henry and Mary Claire found a corner to play in. Henry made a whole stack of cards with Toy Story stickers and crayons. If you haven't picked up an original "Henry", you are missing out.

What else would Mary Claire possibly want to use but Minnie Mouse stickers? Kent and I were discussing how funny it is that kids pick some character and become obsessed with it. We think Mary Claire likes Minnie Mouse, because Minnie wears pink, has a big bow and wears great shoes! I guess Minnie will join Thomas as a not allowed baby name. {Which is kind of funny because I have a great-grandmother whose name was Minnie.}

The kids began with the hardest craft. They used plastic canvas, fishing line and beads to make wind socks. Poor Ben just doesn't quite have the coordination to thread fishing line but he tried really hard. He didn't quite get done so we'll finish his at home.

The next craft they tackled was making towel bunnies. The boys weren't overly impressed until the person giving the directions said, "Stop here if you want to make it a girl, keep going to make it a boy." Once they knew it was a boy bunny - their whole opinion changed.

After the fair, you'll have to stop by and visit our bunny family. That's one thing about 5 kids making the same craft, we end up with an entire collection!

Henry and Mary Claire were so excited to participate in the next craft. Jenna helped them make a greeting card using construction paper, markers and duct tape. Henry loves Jenna and enjoys finding her picture in the paper. When she sat down beside him and helped him with his craft, he was over the moon. He is so proud of his card that Jenna helped him make.

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