Friday, August 2, 2013

Slippin and a Slidin

What says summer more than water! We bought an above ground pool a few years ago on clearance and we have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Last year we rented an inflatable water slide for Ben's 5th Birthday Party. It was also lots of fun so we decided to rent it again this year.

The only thing that could make a pool and a slide more fun is to share it with friends! We wanted to enjoy it all day so we had a 4th of July party on the 6th of July {Saturday}.

We were really excited that the Mashburn and Tims families were able to join us. The adults wasted no time and got right to visiting and the kids got wet as soon as possible!

It was almost as much fun to splash friends as it was to actually go down the slide! The ground all around the pool at the base of the slide was soaked!

We were blessed with weather warm enough for playing but enough clouds to keep everyone from looking like lobsters.

The younger kids didn't seem to enjoy the thrill of going down the slide but they found plenty of popsicles, cookies, doughnuts and chips to keep them happy all day.

They even managed to calm the fun enough to pose for a picture at the top.

 When the thrill seeking died down a bit the pool offered a nice, calm place to have some fun.

As evening neared our visitors dried off and we found a few other ways to have fun.

Griffin shared his tablet.

The menfolk  checked out the chickens.

The the horsey gave a few rides.

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