Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mary Claire you are FOUR weeks old!

Mary Claire you are FOUR weeks old!
I honestly cannot believe four weeks has passed already! Mommy isn't as on top of things as I've been in the past - I still haven't sent out any birth announcements or even gotten it put in the paper.
You weigh 8 lbs 4.5 oz when wearing just a diaper {and just before eating}!
You are wearing wearing newborn sized clothes.
You wear an XS diaper cover.
You got to meet the Mashburn family this week. They are expecting a baby in about a month - I'm sure you'll be best buds. :-)
You are "officially" homeschooled. You've sat in on 3 days worth of school. It won't be long before you start singing the A - a Apple song.
You seem to like your swing. I have to turn it off periodically because I think it gets going just a little too fast. You aren't quite heavy enough.

Someone actually asked if you were a boy the other day. Mommy thought the pink wrap, Mary Jane tights, and hat with pink flower would put an end to those type of questions but I guess I was wrong. ;-)
You made a trip to Little Rock and helped Mommy pick out a couple of new shirts. The next day you and your brothers helped me go to Sam's.
Your hair seems to just stand up in patches all over.

You still hiccup daily.
You are a night owl. If Mommy doesn't go to sleep before 10, you'll keep me up until 1 am.
You prefer Mommy's bed to yours, even when no one is in there with you. You nap much longer laying on Mommy's bed than you do in yours.

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