Tuesday, February 1, 2011

{Garage} Design on a Dime

. . . .well, maybe not a dime. When we moved in the house, one of our future to-do projects was to repaint the garage. It was a light tan color and always looked dirty. Kent power washed it at least once a year but it just didn't a coat of paint that seemed "cleanable".

The project finally moved up the list enough to get accomplished. We began by priming. The walls weren't bad but the ceiling was a bear. I was glad I was too pregnant to do the ceiling so poor Kent had to do all the ladder climbing and neck craining.

The kids "helped". It was a pretty cool night but Henry would not keep shoes on.

Everyone wanted to get in on the painting action. In a few years maybe we can take them up on the offer of help and pull a Huck Finn. ;-)

When the walls were finished, the floor looked even worse. Kent decided to paint the floor. We bought a few kits and followed the directions carefully. The most important thing is cleaning the floor correctly. I'm happy to report that 3-4 months later it still looks just a great as it did when he finished.

The cleaner and paint itself was very fumy so it's definitely not a job for expectant mommas. I kept the kids inside and only came out to capture a few pictures. ;-)

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