Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fly on the Wall - Ben Edition

Recently we purchased a new range. The other night while fixing supper Ben started in with his quite frequent routine of asking questions.

Ben: I wanna ask you something.

Me: Ok, ask away.

Ben: I wanna ask you this - Why did we get a new stove?

Me: Because the old one broke.

Ben: Why did it break?

Me: I don't know, I guess it was old and just quit working right.

Ben: I bought that stove.

Me: Yes, you helped Mommy and Daddy pick it out, didn't you?

Ben: Yep, we went to Wowe's (Lowe's) and bought it. It was when the kids spent the night with Papaw. (Madisyn, Ty, and Griffin spent the night when they went to get Skeeter which was the same weekend we bought the stove.)

Ben: I remember. Me and Wenwe (Henry) went to Wowe's but the kids didn't get to go. They had to stay at Papaw's.

It cracks me up the way he refers to his older siblings as "the kids".

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