Monday, February 21, 2011

Amazon Mom

I recently discovered a new service that has saved me time AND money. No matter what your family size or situation, everyone can appreciate savings in those two precious areas. has a special program called Amazon Mom. Visit to get more information or sign-up.

Why do I love it?

#1 - It's free! Free is always a good price. All you have to do is sign up and you get free Prime membership for a few months. Prime membership gives you free two day shipping on any order from Amazon.

#2 - It saves money. Lots of products in the Baby store of Amazon are 15% off for Amazon Mom members. Every month that you spend $25 (before discounts) in the baby store earns another month of membership.

#3 - It's convenient. Not only can you get the 15% mom discount, but you can also sign up to receive automatic shipments of products you use frequently for another 15% off! No more remembering to pick up pull-ups, toilet paper or paper towels. AND the UPS man brings them to the door. I can also pick up anything Amazon carries and not worry about shipping.

The two main products I purchase are different kinds of pull-ups for overnight use. I get Goodnights that are normally $17 (plus tax) at WalMart are shipped to my door for $12.32. I order them two packages at a time and each order earns me another month of free shipping.

Be sure to sign up for a free subscription to Baby Talk Magazine { }as Amazon publishes coupons for items in the baby store. I was able to use last month's coupon and get two packages of Goodnights for $7.32!

I have also found that paper towels can be delivered for less than I can purchase them at local stores.

I don't get anything for referring anyone to Amazon. I just wanted to share. If we used disposable diapers, it would be an even better deal.

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