Monday, February 7, 2011

Christmas #1

The Saturday before Christmas, Mary Claire made her big debut and met her cousins. We met at Mom and Dad's to celebrate Christmas.

Henry needed a little help opening gifts. I think by the time we were done he was starting to get the hang of it.

It can be a little chaotic when 17 people are involved!

Izzy was completely decked out in Christmas cheer. I loved her glittery shoes and tutu!

We decided not to exchange gifts among adults this year but the kids helped me make a photo calendar for the grandparents. Right now, all of their grandchildren have been born in a different month.
Mimi also got a laptop sleeve monogrammed just for her.

Aunt Robin and Raegen checked out the calendar as well.

Granddaddy had a good time snuggling the newest member of the family.

After opening gifts and eating lunch, the kids decorated a gingerbread house. I think it's becoming a tradition. Next year we might have to make it a gingerbread village as I'm sure Henry and Izzy (and possibly Lynden) won't be happy to just sit and watch.

I think half the candy ended up in bellies as opposed to the house.

These two were pretty good at sneaking candy!

Izzy was smart enough to avoid the hard, stale gingerbread house candy. I'm sure she was thinking "silly boys". LOL

After the gingerbread house, we visited Grandmother Sansoucie (Mom's mom). I think they nursing home was a bit overwhelmed with the sudden arrival of 6 children.

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