Monday, February 7, 2011

First Trip

When Mary Claire was just a few days old, I needed to go to the chiropractor.

So we made our first trip as a family of 8. Adding an extra car seat definitely makes the van feel a little smaller. I don't think it took more than an hour or two to get ready to go. It's amazing how much packing another diaper bag can slow you down.

While I was getting adjusted Henry got to take over the controls. I'm pretty sure he opened the sun roof multiple times on this rainy Saturday. Thankfully we didn't get too wet. ;-)

Mrs. Lynda met us there and gave Mary Claire another exam. Her jaundice looked a little worse and we took her to the pediatrician the following Monday.

That afternoon Uncle Kirk stopped by and was the first Uncle/Aunt to meet our newest sweetheart.
It's a good thing she tolerates being passed around so well because everyone is always jumping at the chance to hold her. Even Henry likes being a big brother.

Of course, the biggest big brother is more fun to rough house with than a newborn!

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