Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Walgreens Deals - 2/20

I hit Walgreens early this week. I wasn't very impressed with last week's {or this week for that matter} deals but it didn't matter. Our family came down with the flu! 6 out of 8 of us have been quite ill. In fact, the only reason I snagged Walgreens deals this week was because I needed to get a script filled, we're going through Kleenex faster than toilet paper and my register rewards were set to expire this week.

Transaction #1
Arnicare {I may try to purchase two more this week, we use this stuff like crazy. I keep it in the van, diaper bag, Kent's office, in-law's - basically anywhere the boys go! LOL }, Goody's hair rubberbands - 27 pack and Goody's hair rubberbands - 12 pack {on clearance for .75} . $1.69 out of pocket - Savings of $15.04! I also earned $8 in Register rewards.

Transaction #2

Seven boxes of Kleenex {the other reason I went in Walgreens}, Arnicare, Children's generic Tylenol, Goody's hair rubberbands - 27 pack, Infant's generic Tylenol, Fusion Proglide razor. $13.03 out of pocket - Savings of $34.50. I wouldn't have bought the Tylenol except it was a needed purchase. I spent $10.29 plus tax on those two items alone. Without the Tylenol I would have spend less than $2 out of pocket. I also earned $13.50 in Register Rewards.


  1. Did a register reward print with the 7 boxes of KleenX? There was some debate over that. :)

  2. I received a $1.50 register reward because she only scanned 6 boxes. I didn't realize it until I got home. I bought everything on Sunday and I read the Kleenex RR ended Sunday.