Monday, September 23, 2013

Sunday Sunset Horseback Riding


We had a beautiful weekend and discussed several things we could do. We were afraid the zoo would be crowded so we passed on that opportunity.

I can't handle walking trails at this stage of pregnancy. Walking is still OK, but I'm concerned about stepping on a rock and one leg moving in a manner it is not supposed to.

We discussed painting our bedroom {a project that has been planned for 5 years!} but I prefer to do the prep work before hand and let Kent help with the furniture moving and painting.

We finally decided to run a few errands and let the kids ride Papaw's horse.

Sarah was last saddled up in mid-July and she seemed to enjoy the cooler temps of this ride time.

Mary Claire even took a turn though she wasn't real keen on petting Sarah to thank her for the ride.

Griffin is old enough now to ride without having to be led.

Sarah seemed to groan under the weight difference between Ty and Mary Claire. The boy barely fits in this saddle anymore!

Liberty wasn't very sure about her horsey ride. Big brother held on tight and Daddy led them around.

Madisyn was the main reason we decided to visit Sarah. Madisyn enjoyed that her brothers and sisters warmed Sarah up and they were free to gallop. Madisyn ran the horse all over the pen.

Liberty has decided that for now, she is much happier riding in the stroller!

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