Friday, June 26, 2009

Henry is One Month Old

I'm terribly behind and the longer I wait the worse it's gonna get. ;) I hope to do a few "key" posts and then get back in the regular swing. I'm going to place them on the correct so things will be appearing in the past. I am still working on Henry's birth story. I want Kent to look over it before I post.

Walter Henry - you are one month old (6/26/09)

You weigh 10 lbs 2 oz.

You made your first trip to Conway on your one month birthday.

You visited Dr. Evans for a new patient check-up.

You've been to your first auction.

You sleep 3-4 hour stretches at night.

You've been fishing twice (ok you slept the whole time but we were there).

You can still wear most of your newborn clothes.

You are wearing XS diaper covers over preemie prefolds (I can't imagine a "real" preemie in them - they would be swallowed!)

You take a MAM pacificier.

You have been to conservation day with 4-H.

You helped Daddy celebrate his first Father's Day as a Father of Five.

You've been to all the good places to eat- Don Jose, Kelley's, and John B's.

You helped Griffin celebrate his 4th Birthday.

You are our most laid back baby so far.

You are adored by your sister and brothers. Griffin still calls you "New Baby Brother".

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