Wednesday, September 8, 2010


The end of August/beginning of September we took a family vacation. The first order of business before heading out was to cash in our change jar. There was much discrepancy about how long we had been collecting change. The jar has lived in our room for sometime and once the ink pens, tooth brushes, buttons, and anything else Ben could cram down the neck was removed - we headed to Coin Star.
Somewhere along the way, we lost most of the boys so Madisyn and Henry got in on all the fun. It took us over 30 minutes to get all the change counted.

We carried in in to two denim bags that we weighed beforehand. We had nearly 50 lbs in change!! We felt like the armored car guys carrying bags full of money. :)

Madisyn thoroughly enjoyed watching the screen reflect the additional amount of each filling.

Our final receipt - $497.67 (before fees)

Coin Star charges a little less than 10% for counting. It would have taken me days to roll it all. We had nearly 1800 pennies! I think the poor cashier at WalMart was completely confused on how to redeem the voucher but we walked away with almost $450. Not bad for a year or two of change collecting.
I know I'm behind again. What can I say, we've been gone, school is in full swing and this little girl is zapping what little energy I have left. :)

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