Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Playing Farmer

When we visited the zoo with the Tims Family, they told us about an upcoming Farm and Gin Show. Tractors and equipment are right up our alley so we decided to attend.

 We started the day off picking up parts with Daddy and made it to the Convention Center just in time for a fire alarm! We were quite confused because lights were flashing and sirens were blaring but no one seemed phased. We assumed it was a false alarm. While in the restroom the announcer came over the speaker and announced the Memphis Fire Department had declared all clear. It was very strange to see several firemen in full get up walking around.

 When planning our trip, I missed that registration was free but required. As Candyce put it - I won't make that mistake again. I waited in line and then amazed one of the workers as the printer continued to supply name tags for our group. When I told her I had a lot I don't think she believed me. By the time the 9th tag came out, she had finally quit asking, "Is this it?". LOL

We met up with the Tims and had enjoyed a wonderful BBQ lunch. We found an empty wall in a hall and gobbled up Corky's BBQ picnic style.

We began our tour of the exhibits in the largest hall. They had some of the biggest tractors we have ever seen. Candyce joked that in 20 years we could come to their farm and see the same equipment that was on display. The kids pointed out that we never get new equipment on Daddy's Lot or at an auction and they sure don't get to crawl all over the nice stuff that does come in!

Little Libby was such a good baby. She was in the back of the stroller and only got upset when it was time for her to eat. She just hung out and enjoyed her view from "down under".

We passed by a soybean booth and the exhibitor asked the kids if they wanted to play Plinko. I don't think my children have ever watched The Price is Right! Other than being a bit short to drop the chip from the top, they proved to be excellent players. Madisyn won some lotion and the boys all went home with crayons {which are probably melted in the van}.

We continued to make our way around the exhibition hall and the boys had to climb on every piece of equipment they came across. I don't think I've heard, "Mommy, take my picture!", so many times.

Anything the big boys did, Henry had to do as well. This resulted in him running behind the pack, but I don't think he even noticed. The smiles never left any of the children's faces.

The best exhibit was the one that served ice cream! Between the Tims Family and us we gave the scooper quite a work out!

Mary Claire looked like a little bird begging for bites from Mommy and Daddy.

Henry watched her eating and had compassion on her. He shared his ice cream. What a sweet big brother!

While everyone ate ice cream, Liberty and I took a little break. We exited the hall but could find nowhere to sit. We camped out on the floor and waited for the rest of the group to join us.

After a bathroom break {which takes quite awhile with 4 kiddos in diapers, 4 adults and 8 more little ones}, we headed downstairs. We found another extra-large tractor here. Even Daddy decided to check this one out. :-)

The main appeal of the tractor was the incredible size of the wheels.  

 Each of the big kids took a turn climbing inside.

Of course, some had more room than others. ;-)

We had a great time at the Farm and Gin Show and already have plans to attend next year.

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