Friday, May 31, 2013

Happy Birthday, Henry Bug!

My big 4 year old enjoying the outdoor trains
What can I say about my Henry bug? He is the sweetest, most caring little man there is. He has a smile that lights up an entire room. I have never seen anyone smile so big that their back teeth show but Henry smiles just like that every time.

Henry has always been a laid back little boy. When he was born, I was worried that he didn't cry. He waited the longest time to start talking but you would never know it now. :-)
 One Year

He is a Thomas the Train loving little boy. One of his first words was train. On his birthday he told me the following. "I'm glad I'm not a baby. Cause babies like Libby Kate don't even know about Thomas. I'm glad I'm big, cause I LOVE Thomas." He's great at remember what's important in life.
 Two Years

Henry loves his baby "Livvy Kate". He always wants to check on her and give her night lovins. He
also enjoys being the ring leader in some of the schemes that he and Mary Claire come up with.

Three Years

We love you Henry bug and we're so glad you're ours!

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