Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Deck the Halls


Because Thanksgiving was so late this year and we're expecting a baby soon, we decided to scale back the Christmas tree decorating. Kent let each child put up a couple of their keepsake ornaments and we decorated the rest of the tree with plastic balls.

Liberty isn't old enough to really get into the whole decorating the tree thing but she loved watching the balls bounce when they were dropped.

The boys were especially particular about the placement of their ornaments. I'm sure the desire to have a nice looking tree was the reason that each ornament was placed, removed, placed, removed, placed, removed and placed again. :-)

It's always neat to look back over the ornaments of years past. Almost all of Ty's ornaments are tractors. Ben's tend to be construction equipment and Griffin and Henry's  are a mismatch of equipment, cartoons and super heroes.

Madisyn's ornaments are mostly cowgirl or western related and Mary Claire's identifier is pink and girly.

Even with the reduction in supplies, we still had a great time decorating the tree. Now, what are the chances I'll have this much help when it come time to take it down? ;-)

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