Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Goin' on a Picnic

Last year we joined a homeschool group near us. I attend the Mom's meetings and we attend a few field trips. This year, we decided to participate in the family picnic.

After a few introductory, get to know you type games {including Gorilla, Man, Gun - which has been played numerous times since} the kids had a great time meeting other homeschoolers. There were teams playing volleyball, soccer, basketball, baseball, frisbee and dodgeball. It was awesome how open all the kids were to letting those which less skill play right beside them. 5 year olds were playing beside seniors!

The younger kiddos had a great time exploring the playground. Liberty and Mary Claire drew a lot of attention walking across the playground holding hands. Poor Libby was having the worst time trying to clean all pea gravel off the equipment. It took a long time, but she finally gave up and played instead of cleaning.

Henry was his normal smiley self and bounced from playground, to ball court, to ball field and back again.

Madisyn learned a few new games and had time for visiting as well. She visited all the games and learned a little at each one. 

Ty really enjoyed playing dodgeball. Thankfully, he realized that his much smaller brothers aren't the best teammates for an at home match. Dodgeball is an activity better suited for people close to the same size.

Poor little Licy got sunburn but still managed to be all smiles. She hung out with Mom and Dad and we had a great time visiting with veteran homeschoolers. I even realized that one of the moms I met at the last Mom's meeting is married to someone from my little hometown! It's truly a small world!

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