Monday, December 8, 2014

Four never looked so good

Today is our girly tomboy's 4th birthday. We've joked for sometime that Mary Claire likes to get just as dirty as the boys but she wants to do it dressed to the nines and with a hair bow.

Mary Claire is our first girl after four very rough and rowdy boys. We just knew we finally had a princess. We just didn't know our princess could hold her own. Since her surprise breech birth, Mary Claire has been changing all the rules.  Kent frequently says that if you can say "My child never . . ." or "Kids don't . . .", then you didn't have enough children. Mary Claire definitely taught us this!

She is the life of the party, the perfect blend of sassy and sweet. She has her own ideas and she's not afraid to share them. Apparently, turning four is when life begins. She's convinced that she will get bigger and her hair will grow today. She's also planning a wedding to "Numbody".

We have loving referred to her as our runt. They say that tiny packages are the most powerful and dynamite doesn't even hold a candle to all that is packed into Mary Claire. Papaw used to call her a little pistol and it's a very fitting nickname.

She was our first child to really pinpoint her older siblings personalities. When she wants another Mommy, she runs to Madisyn. If she needs muscle, Ty is her guy. Griffin is lots of fun when she needs a tv watching buddy. Finding hidden treats is a job for Ben. Henry is great at following her orders and Liberty is the best dress up friend in the world!

She is a lover of all things pink and Minnie Mouse is the most stylish being of all time. Mary Claire is just at home hosting a tea party as she is digging in the dirt or attempting scooter stunts.

I can't imagine how boring life would be without this perfect for us little girl that always keeps us on our toes.

Happy Birthday, Mary Claire! 

I pray your life is packed with as much awesomeness as your personality.

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