Friday, January 9, 2009

Witcher Family Christmas

We had a great time at the Witcher Family Christmas celebration. We met at Nana and Papaw's house. Mamaw Witcher decided to stay in Wynne a little longer and we were able to celebrate with her as well. Uncle Phillip, Aunt Vicki, Brooke and Calen all made it. We were really sorry that Brooke's husband, Joey, couldn't come. Mamaw and Grandpa Lawrence and Uncle Kirk were in attendance so we had quite a crowd!

Everyone's favorite part - the meal!!!! It was excellent. After we ate the kids were very anxious to open gifts.

Do you think Griff likes being a "real" cowboy?

Ben has lugged that horse around everywhere - it's almost as big as he is!

If you want to make Ty happy, just make sure any gift for him has two words - John Deere.

Madisyn received and adorable pink purse with a barrel racer embroidered on it. She has gotten compliments on it while carrying it around town. LOL

Before anyone left we got some whole family shots. I LOVE my new camera. The self-timer can be set to take 10 pictures in a row. It's fantastic!

I'll try to identify everyone.

Standing :Aunt Vicki, Brooke, Uncle Phillip, Calen, Uncle Kirk, Kent, Stacy.
Sitting on couch : Mamaw Witcher, Papaw, Nana
On the floor: Ty, Griffin, Ben and Madisyn

Another family shot. This time with Nana's side of the family.

Back Row: Stacy, Kent, Griffin, Ben, Uncle Kirk
Sitting: Papaw, Nana, Mamaw Lawrence, Papaw Lawrence
Floor: Ty and Madisyn.

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