Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What I've been up to

It seems we go from seasons of being busy to being more at rest. Though with 5 children, those periods of rest seem few and far between. When things get busy, the internet is the first thing to go. I have managed to carve out a little time to make Madisyn and her on the way GIRL cousin a few things.

This all started when I came across a new site to get embroidery designs, Designs by JuJu . I really liked the fall ones so I purchased a set. (A word of advice. When you have a crafting addiction and you find something adorable: Do Not- I repeat, DO NOT call your sister who has just as big of an addiction. Before you know it you will have ordered half the store. Wait - How is that a problem? Never mind. ;) )

Sometime after downloading the designs, I talked to Kristen and she mentioned that Izzy needed a Thanksgiving/Turkey dress. If making one girl's dress is fun then two is even better.

I felt the dress needed a little something at the bottom and this ric rac was perfect.

Henry is looking forward to having a baby GIRL model in the family. Then Momma will quit trying to talk him into trying things on (I did refrain from putting him in the dress :P ).

I LOVE this turkey. He is so cute. I stitched out a sample on a burpcloth and it's adorable on it as well.

Everyone knows that if you make a dress, it's breaking some law of fashion to NOT have a matching hairbow.

So here you go.

One for the big girl.

And one for the baby girl.

The inspiration of this bow was born because Izzy has a problem. See, she is going to be the best dressed infant in all the land but alas the poor girl had been given all these great pink Razorback outfits. Now in case you forgot the first rule of fashion - She NEEDED a hair bow to go with them. Sure a pink hairbow would have done the trick but this is much better.

A special thanks to Stephanie Price for fixing me up with the design. I see more Razorback bows in Izzy's future.


  1. Thanks! I was really pleased with how they turned out. I have some ideas for Gingerbread Men for Christmas.