Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday, Griffin!!!

It's hard to believe that just 5 short years ago, you were our tiny little 7 lb 13 oz boy!

You are the one that started the whole "bigger than normal" family comments. :) We knew right away that if you survived all of Madisyn and Ty's "loving" you were going to be a tough boy.

As each year passed, we have grown to love you more and more.

You've always been our little "class clown". We've often said that Griffin stops to think about things before he does them and then decides to do it anyway - as evidenced by your 2 year old picture.

You've always been a bit dramatic. Why act surprised a little? Go all out!

Yet you know exactly where the "line" is and while you tiptoe on it, you stop just short of crossing it.

You are turning into such a big boy. Reading, counting, riding a bike without training wheels . . . There isn't much you'll let the "big kids" do without you.
Everyday I thank God for giving me such a wonderful son. I am incredibly blessed to be called Moooommeee by you.

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