Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cute little patient

Henry's before mentioned nut landed him in LeBonheur for the better part of a week. It wasn't an enjoyable experience but have you ever seen anything so sweet in a hospital gown?

Henry was a very good patient. He didn't feel well but he was very easy to get along with. I asked the nurse to put his IV in his left arm so his fingers on his right hand would be free. Fingers and plenty of cuddling with Mommy was all he needed.

These were taken right before he had the procedure to remove the nut. I'll admit, I cried when we had to leave him downstairs for surgery.

Henry on the other hand, handled it just fine.

It was really amazing how much better he felt after the nut was out. When he came back to his room, he took a nap and woke up as the old Henry. He crawled, laughed and played just like he was at home.

The next morning we waited for what seemed like forever to be discharged. Because he would be awaken each night he took several naps a day.

I don't think there is anything more precious than holding a sleeping child.

Playing with Daddy makes everything more fun!

Bye, Bye LeBonheur - you were good to us but we won't miss you!

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  1. So thankful that he got such good care and all is well! What a blessing!