Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hands on Fun

Recently, a regional Homeschool Convention was held in Memphis. We attended and met up with some online friends.

After the convention we invited one family to join us at the children's museum.

We spent the entire afternoon checking out all the exhibits. It was Henry's first visit "loose" so he made the most of it.

My boys, as well as, the S boys needed new shirts after visiting the Mississippi river.

What good is a water exhibit if you don't get a little {ok - A LOT!} wet? LOL

We also hit the mini Kroger. The kids LOVE this exhibit.

Just like adults - meeting in WalMart to catch up. ;-)

What's not to love - little shopping carts, plenty of stock, registers that print receipts!

The excitement was just a little too much for Mary Claire. She finds the museum to be a perfect place for a nap.

We also visited the dress up room. The exhibit has a green stage with a video camera. The camera is linked to a rotating video with various scenes.

Ty frequently wears a John Deere shirt which makes parts of his body "disappear". LOL

K loved that dress and it was perfect for twirling and dancing. I'm not quite sure what look Henry was going for here?!?!

10 kiddos and most of them looking. I think it's a great shot! Thanks for joining us, we hope to meet up with you again!

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