Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Back in Time {Part 2}

The heat of the day and the activity of  the morning left some of us dragging by the afternoon. Since I don't look as cute as Mary Claire when I suck my thumb and take a nap on a picnic table, I refrained {this time}. :-) 
The younger kids loved washing clothes. This sweet lady fed the same clothing through the ringer over and over and let each child have multiple turns wringing the water out.  

They had such a good time that Nana and the older kids left them there to play while they visited a few of the other exhibits.  Too bad I can't get the same enthusiasm for laundry at home!

Next they visited the Post Office/Newsroom. We've never had a PO Box so the whole concept of going to town to get your mail is pretty foreign to us. The printing press always impressed the kids. They can't believe how big the plates are compared to how today's printers.

The man at the outhouse was very informative. He told us that the star symbol on the door meant it was for boys and the moon was for girls. If an outhouse had both, then both sexes could use it.

He also had a "fancy" bathtub that Mary Claire promptly hopped in and spread out for comfort.

It got a little crowded when "three men" joined her in the tub!

Libby doesn't get much from field trips but for the most part, she's happy to go along for the ride.

Our last stop before heading home was the exhibit on pioneer games. The older kids all had a turn shooting the sling shot. Some even managed to get their rock to go the right direction!

Hoops and sticks also provided a lot of enjoyment. Henry would just roll his hoop and chase it down.

The older boys enjoyed the challenge of rolling the hoops down the ramp on the porch. I don't think we have any champion hoop rollers in the making.

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