Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Haulin' Scrap

A few weeks ago, Daddy and Unc purchased a farm equipment package from a somewhat local farmer's family. Part of their deal with the owners was that the mess would be cleaned up.

After spending a week moving the big pieces, Kent returned with the 5 older kids to get all the scrap metal. On two separate afternoons, the kids {once their schoolwork was complete} travelled with Kent to the farm and loaded metal.

Kent bragged on what a great help they were and how much time they saved him. The kids loaded the trailers to capacity and begged to go back again.

Because older sisters and brothers carrying heavy loads isn't the safest place for toddlers, the little girls and I stayed home. Thankfully, Madisyn took the camera along one day and captured some of the action. I think when she moves out of our home my camera will be one of the things she misses most!

There is a reason Ben has earned the nickname "Pig Pen". The boy could get filthy in a sterile room!

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