Monday, January 27, 2014

Felicity Anne You Are 3 Weeks Old!

You weigh 11 lbs 8 oz! You are growing way too fast!

You are in size newborn diapers but only until the package is empty.

You seem to have settled on a Born Free Orthodontic pacifier, in pink - of course.

You had your first outdoor photo shoot this week. We took brother/sister pictures for the birth announcement.

You are nursing about every two hours during the day.

You meet the Mashburns this week. They came for a visit and brought us some wonderful food. Mrs. Jess made you an adorable taggie lovey with super soft minky fabric.

You were footprinted for the canvases at the back hallway. Your little tiny feet look extra small next to Madisyn and Ty's feet.

Most nights you give me one four hour stretch of sleep. You are a night owl and seem to think 1 am is an appropriate bedtime.

You participated in your first Sam's shopping trip. The whole family went and we ended up with three carts. Amazingly enough, we still had room for more food in the van.

You've been in our homemade version of a Moby Wrap twice this week. Both times your slept the whole time we shopped.

You are having a bit of a hard time with a blocked tear duct. It just doesn't seem to want to clear up.

You are changing so much everyday. I'm still in shock that the Lord gave you to us. 

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