Friday, January 17, 2014

Over the River and Through the Woods

We traveled to Mom and Dad's for a celebration just before Christmas. We had been sick around Mary Claire's birthday so she started the day off opening some belated birthday gifts.

The kids all lined up and the gift opening started in a nice organized fashion. With 12 kids, including 9 aged 6 and under, the calm didn't last long.

Our first three boys loved tractors but really weren't into characters. Henry, on the other hand, has loved Thomas since he could say the word train. If you ever find the need to bribe him, anything Thomas will get the job done.

Radio Control toys were the highlight of the day. Some of the younger boys received radio control trucks and the older boys opened RC helicopters. Uncle Billy had to make a battery run as the battery supply was quickly depleted.

Madisyn was thoroughly excited to get a bean bag for her room. She loves to read and is very glad to have somewhere other than her bed to sit.

Henry, Ben and Mary Claire also received snuggies. Henry's is a Superman and Ben is Batman. They both run through the house fighting crime on a nightly basis.

Mary Claire and Liberty received a joint gift - their first car! They love it! The first couple of days it was in the house and Mary Claire was quick to institute a "No Boys" rule because they aren't "wittle like me" according to Mary Claire.

Mom and Dad with their dozen grandkids! Good thing There's Room For More!

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